The Premium Advisor Referral program is a premium service offered by travel recruitment firm, Rollinglobe, that is meant to complement Virtuoso's existing Advisor Referral program.

The program is based on a contingency model that allows Virtuoso members preferred access to a qualified pool of experienced and entry-level travel advisor candidates. There is no cost to receive or interview travel advisor referrals. Rollinglobe only charges a referral fee if/when you make a successful placement and all placements include a 90-day money back guarantee.

The program works as follows...

Rollinglobe sources travel advisor applicants across five recruitment channels, including job boards, email, social media, content and press, and networking at industry events. From these channels, Rollinglobe receives hundreds of monthly applicants, who are put through two rounds of qualifications, including a phone interview conducted by a Rollinglobe recruiter, before being referred to you.

Referrals are sent via a weekly email that is designed for you to quickly review each candidate. By clicking on a candidate's name, you may view additional details, including the candidate's resume and answers to Rollinglobe's 20-question qualifying questionnaire. To interview a candidate, simply reply to the referral email and Rollinglobe will coordinate an interview with the candidate on your behalf.

For additional details or to subscribe to the Premium Advisor Referral program, please contact Rollinglobe's Founder and CEO, Michael Nobiletti, at 646.481.8785 or