2018 is a great year to pursue a career in travel.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism created approximately 14 million jobs in the United States last year and one in five jobs worldwide.

And that trend is expected to continue.

In response to the recently announced US tax cuts, the International Monetary Fund made strong predictions of global economic growth, which bodes well for both your job prospects and the travel companies who plan on hiring in anticipation of stronger sales this year.

The luxury category is doing particularly well.

Luxury travel agency network, Virtuoso, says that year-over-year growth in its global membership is up a record 25%.

Virtuoso grew its membership base to more than 1,000 agency locations across more than 45 countries in 2017. The network now consists of more than 17,500 travel advisers who generated more than $23.7 billion last year, a 12% increase in annual production.

Are you considering a new career in travel?

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