Depending on who you ask, the answer to the question, "what is the happiest job in America," varies dramatically.

According to Oprah, travel agent is among the top 4 happiest jobs in America.

The other happiest jobs in America?

1. Travel agent

2. Clergy

3. Special Education Teacher

4. Firefighters


What's interesting is that none of these jobs are without their challenges.

Each one of them carries a high degree of responsibility.

Think about it...

Members of the clergy are responsible for the spiritual well-being of their congregations and often serve as the last line of support for the most vulnerable members of society...

Special education teachers are tasked with developing the minds and self esteem of disabled children...

Firefighters routinely put themselves in harm's way to protect the physical safety of the people and property that they serve...

And travel agents are trusted with not only thousands of dollars and the hard earned vacation time of their clients, but also their personal safety in a foreign country.

It is not a lack of challenge or responsibility that drives one's professional happiness...

Quite the opposite, in fact.

It is in serving one another that we find the most rewarding career path.

The happiest people also tend to get 8 hours of social interaction per day, according to interviews conducted by Gallup and Healthways of more than 1 million people, as cited by Oprah.

Add to that multiple, all-expenses-paid trips throughout the year and the ability to work whenever and wherever you please, it's no wonder that travel agents are among the happiest professionals in America!

Looking for more happiness in your career?

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