Today, I am reminded of the values of freedom, adventure, and entrepreneurship that we hold so dearly here at Rollinglobe.

While observing America's Independence Day, I realized that these values are, in fact, inherited from our fore fathers and mothers, who risked everything to build this land of freedom and opportunity.

I so admire the adventurous spirit it takes to pursue such a dream and the resiliency necessary to achieve it.

Our founding fathers envisioned a completely new country, one that protects "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and rewards industriousness and innovation.

Never in history has there been a more effective system for lifting individuals out of poverty.

Today, in particular, we live in an era of entrepreneurship that has made the barriers to opportunity lower than ever.

Every American should be grateful for the virtuous principles upon which our nation is built...

Principles that honor freedom, opportunity, and the pursuit of adventure.

For that, I give my deepest thanks.