We know what you're thinking...

Travel agent!? 

Why would I spend more money to book my trip with a travel agent when I can take care of everything I need with Google, TripAdvisor, and Expedia?

Well, the truth is...

Booking with a travel agent is not going to cost you more money.

Quite the opposite, actually...

An experienced travel advisor can add tremendous value to your trip, not only in terms of the time and headache you'll save by working with a professional, but also in terms of the tangible benefits you'll receive...

Benefits like complimentary room upgrades, late check outs, and even access to exclusive events and itineraries that are only available through travel agencies.

But don't just take our word for it...

Listen to Haisley Smith, Vice President of Marketing & Development at Brownell Travel, a luxury travel agency that has been sending clients on unforgettable experiences since 1887.

She explains below how Brownell has kept customers coming back for more than a century and the many reasons why to book with a travel agent: 

  • You can't Google the most meaningful travel experiences.

  • Travel can agents (or advisors, as we like to say) provide recommendations that are tailored specifically to YOU and your dreams, taste, and budget. They are not based on an algorithm that recommends the same cookie-cutter package to millions of other travelers. 

  • We can often beat online prices.

  • Not only can travel advisors beat online prices, we can also provide access to benefit programs, such as Ritz-Carlton StarsFour Seasons Preferred PartnersBelmond's Bellini ClubRosewood Elite, and Abercrombie & Kent's 100 Club (to name a few), that you cannot get on your own.

  • Your travel advisor is there to help you, especially if your trip doesn’t meet your expectations. Without a travel agent, you are on your own if things go wrong - and the internet isn't the best at returning calls.

  • Travel advisors have more first-hand experience and expertise than American Express Platinum Card call centers. 

  • We are well-connected around the world with personal contacts that can deeply customize and enrich your experience. It's like having a friend of a friend everywhere you travel.

  • Travel advisors can get you extra benefits, such as complimentary room upgrades, early check-ins, $100 credits... even an extra night on the house!

  • “Villas in Italy” yields over 30 million results on Google - who wants to sift through that? An experienced travel advisor can edit the world for you. 

  • A reputable travel firm provides a safety net for you when you travel that you cannot get on your own or through any type of insurance policy. You can have peace of mind when you travel knowing someone has your back.

Your leisure time is one of your most precious assets and a travel advisor makes sure you the most out of it.

Does all this talk of using a travel advisor make you realize that you would like to become one? If yes, we have good news - the travel industry is booming and in need of qualified, passionate individuals!

Apply to become a luxury travel advisor.

If your application meets our qualifications, one of our career coaches will reach out to schedule an interview.