Hands down, the question I get asked the most is...

How did you create Rollinglobe?

Starting a travel company is not as hard as it seems – all you need are the right partners, a little guidance, and a lot of hustle.

I can help you with those first two, but before we get into how to start a travel agency, I want to answer why.

Why did I create Rollinglobe?

It’s simple really... Freedom.

I wanted the freedom of time.

The freedom of location.

The freedom to pursue my own dreams, rather than spending the majority of my waking hours building someone else's.

So I did the most logical thing I could think of... I traded in my steady pay check and cushy benefits for a pipe dream.

I decided to launch my own company.

Right off the bat, I knew that the future of the company (not to mention, my reputation and financial security) rested solely on my shoulders.

It was all on me...

Sink or swim.

And that risk excited me.

Family members told me I was crazy.

Friends couldn't understand why I was working such long hours for so little pay.

To this day, I can't explain it beyond blind faith...

Deep down, I knew that if did what I loved, I couldn’t fail.

And what I love to do is travel.

Just so happens, so does pretty much everybody else, so I decided to build a company that would inspire as many people as possible to see more of the world.

At first, this manifested as an online travel guide written in the style and voice of the American student abroad.

Rollinglobe's online city guide to Paris, France.

Rollinglobe's online city guide to Paris, France.

Over the next two years, Rollinglobe grew it's editorial team to more than 100 contributors who wrote about their overseas adventures while on gap year or semester abroad.

At its peak, Rollinglobe Media published 20 city guides across Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

And as we generated more and more content, our readers started to ask if we could help plan their trips.

They recognized us as experts on the destinations we were covering and wanted to use our insider info to get the absolute most out of their vacations.

Suddenly, I realized that planning custom itineraries for our readers could be a lucrative, new revenue channel for our budding business.

So we decided to test market the idea with a simple splash page advertising a virtual travel agent opportunity that we dubbed the Rollinglobe "Travel Pro."

I never would have guessed what happened next.

We received an overwhelming interest in the role -- literally thousands of people, from all walks of life, wanted to build their own businesses recommending travel.

The writing was on the wall.

Press coverage of Rollinglobe's online host agency platform.

Press coverage of Rollinglobe's online host agency platform.

By 2012, Rollinglobe had evolved into an accredited, albeit untraditional, travel agency that turned globetrotters into virtual travel agents.

Over the next three years, we grew our team to more than 20 independent Travel Pros and doubled revenue year over year.

In January 2015, we competed against more than one thousand other startups to gain acceptance into the NYC-based tech accelerator, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator.

What followed was a 4-month intensive program that positioned the company for even more growth and culminated in me pitching Rollinglobe to an audience of more than 700 venture capitalists, angel investors, and press at InterActiveCorp's New York headquarters on West 18th Street.

Rollinglobe's founder presenting the product to an audience of investors and press at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator's demo day.

Rollinglobe's founder presenting the product to an audience of investors and press at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator's demo day.

Looking back now, it seems like an obvious trajectory, but if you had told me ten years ago, I never would have guessed that I would be helping other entrepreneurs become travel agents.

And yet, it makes perfect sense.

If there's one common thread throughout our entire company history - other than travel - it's entrepreneurship.

That's what I love more than anything...

Helping other entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

So it is with great excitement today that I announce that Rollinglobe can now connect you with the best tools, training, and preferred partners available to start your very own travel business.

And that's not just a turn of phrase.

Rollinglobe is now a preferred vendor of Virtuoso, the world’s leading luxury travel network, and offers career development opportunities with Virtuoso travel agencies worldwide.

We have everything from independent contractor and franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs that want to build their own brands to more traditional employee roles that span front line sales, back office support, and online ambassador positions, many of which are virtual in nature and can be conducted from anywhere in world!

If you're ready to take your travel career to the next level, apply to one of our travel advisor opportunities today.